The petite stool is a such versatile fun way to bring character, whimsy and function into any space! They can be used as small side table, grouped together as a coffee table or tucked in a corner with a beautiful plant on top. Graphic shapes made in a variety of elements are great for adding interest to any room. These warm lighter colored hand carved ones from Jayson Home are some of my favorites. Using ancient tools on Senegalese wood creates a wonderful effect. Sculpture that functions!

These antique African stools carved from dark wood have an unmistakeable patina from times past. They somehow also simulataneaously have a modern graphic quality. Incorporating the old with the new in any room is a great way to personalize and make a space unique. Check out Ethnika for items like these.

This collection from award winning Mexican designer Hector Esrawe is modern with a clear nod to the past. The Ban stools are linear and dramatic when used in multiples but also equally as eye catching when shown as a pair. The mixture of woods, sizes and repeating shapes makes for an artful grouping of these beautiful forms.

Ellyn Murphy