During a recent lazy Sunday afternoon while wandering around in Sag Harbor I stumbled upon a real gem…Le Lampade! This beautifully curated store was filled with a treasure trove of vintage Italian mid century modern lighting fixtures. Be still my heart! The owner, Allesandro Di Tosto couldn’t have been any more charming and welcoming. His collection is both sculptural and graphic. Petite table lamps, dramatic pendants and sculptural floor lamps filled this enchanting historic space. It was hard to stay focused on just one! The Stilnouvo floor and table lamps that have colored enamal accents add a unique pop of color. The Achile Castiglioni’s Cocoon pendants were mesmerizing. To think these were designed in the 1960’s goes to show how amazing design always stands the test of time! Mid century modern design for is for the ages.

The above beauties can be found on the Le Lampanade site on 1st Dibs or by clicking the images directly. If you are in East Hampton or Sag Harbor stop by one or both of these locations to see some of these amazing peices in person. Le Lampanade also has an ever evolving array of other unique and beautiful items to see in this carefully curated collection

Ellyn Murphy