Full Service Interior Design


Step One

The process begins with a two hour interactive consultation on site. We will discuss your design goals,inspirations, likes and dislikes, how the space will be used, budget and time frames. This is more than a meet and greet. I will provide you with specific design advice and recommendations for your project. A $250.00 fee will be collected prior to the consultation.

Step Two

I will offer you a written detailed project proposal and description that will state our design goals, estimated fee and time line for the work to be completed. After your approval of the fee proposal a deposit will be collected and the next step will begin.

Step ThreE

During this site visit I will invite the necessary tradespeople so they can supply written estimates for the work that will need to be done. I also take photos and measurements for my own reference so I can supply renderings for the design concept style boards.



Step Four

This step includes product research and sourcing along with space planning and 2D/3D generated comps. I will present you with actual products, paint colors, fixtures, lighting, accessory and artwork selections. This will give you specifics on the overall look of the space. I will also present an estimate a budget for the selections that I have presented and any estimates from trades people that are relevant.

Step Five

The digital space plan will show you layout, scale, and placement of furniture.

We will go over the product list with prices, discuss fabric samples, paint color options, budget and trades people estimates. We will also discuss any revisions and edits that need to be made in the product selections. One edit is included in this step and must be discussed at this time. The letter of agreement is also presented and signed at this meeting. A 75% deposit on the furnishings estimate will be collected along with the design fee balance. If edits are requested we will follow up with another meeting to get approval of any design/product revisions and discuss if it effects the budget.

Step Six

This option is if I am scheduling and supervising trades people for you. I will make regular site visits when necessary to ensure work is being done correctly and in a timely manner. I will generate purchase orders at this time, get info on lead times for products and figure out delivery schedules for the final install.



Step Seven

All furniture and accessories artwork, rugs and lighting will be received by me and inspected for damage and accuracy and stored for the final installation. Instead of being around for multiple deliveries or receiving goods piecemeal we will deliver everything during the final install. 

Step Eight

I will be onsite to supervise the final install of your design project. This will include putting on the finishing touches with decorative items and artwork that will be styled by me to complete your look. This happens at the end of the install and sometimes depending on the size of the project may take some additional time to complete.

Step Nine

This is the day you’ve been waiting for! We will walk through the space and and discuss all of the items and selections that have been made to create your space. Any deficiencies or things that need attention we will be noted. I will have each item addressed as quickly as possible. 

Step ten

During this meeting we will schedule a convenient time for photography of the space to take place. I will also make sure you are 100% percent happy with your space and ask for any feedback, reviews and referrals and any other possible projects for the future.