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I have been designing unique, personal spaces for my clients for over ten years. My design approach is flexible, intuitive and responsive. I have experience guiding my clients who need help establishing their aesthetic or executing the definitive visions of others. Clear communication, establishing budgets and timelines are the key to success for any project no matter what the size. 

My fifteen years experience in fashion and design developed and refined my creative problem solving skills and keen eye for detail. Creating high end, quality  design that reflects my clients individuality is truly my passion. I know how important and impactful good design can be to our everyday lives. To live with beauty and function effects our overall well being. To give this experience to my clients is what I look forward to at the  completion of every one of my projects. 

Part of my job as a designer is to be realistic with my clients and to inform them about each step of the process of renovation and redesign. With the popularity of design shows now  (I have a few of my own favorites!) it often gives people an impractical expectation of what the process is like. In real life there is no time lapse photography to speed up  the process. Believe me I wish there was! My commitment to my clients includes raising the design standard to achieve the highest quality outcome while being straight forward and honest about the process for each project. 

I consider well executed  renovations and high caliber décor to be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Let’s do it right the first time and enjoy it for years to come!